Experienced international marketing copywriters

In a detailed briefing by mail and phone we define:

  • Your aims
  • Your target audience
  • The type of publication
  • Information sources, including possible client references for case studies and quotes
  • The number of words
  • Your deadline

One of the CumLingua experienced language professionals will then draw up a draft text. Revisions are made on the basis of your feedback and the final version is produced.


Our experienced interviewers can carry-out in depth interviews (in English or Dutch) with senior board members, clients and other stakeholders to ensure your annual report, sustainability report, website or other text is accurate and ‘on-message’.

Consistency in terminology and style

In order to ensure your text and translations are consistent, we can draw up a terminology list and style guide based on existing material and other input.

Consistent writing style from a long-term partner

To ensure all your texts and translations are consistent and focussed in style, approach and content, we allocate a team or language experts to your work, coordinated by a dedicated project manager and contact person.

Customer-focussed communication advice

Every organisation produces lots of text. We will help you define the basis for your communication concept and together we will then determine the tone of voice. CumLingua can help you with far more than just copywriting. We have also built up a reputation for our personal service and quality, with a tailor-made approach from our team of experienced language professionals.

Proofreading & editing support for translations

Our native speaker translators are supported by professional copywriters and editors who take a critical look at both the input and the output texts. If required, CumLIngua copywriters will be happy to advise you on your text to ensure the end result is clear and consistent.


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