Accurate translations for industry, government & non-profit sector

Every text must be written with the reader in mind. Using the right tone of voice makes all the difference to whether a text succeeds in being informative, interesting and inspiring. In the case of websites, search engine optimisation (SEO) is also essential. This may mean using different keywords and metadescriptions for the international reader. That’s why our website translators are also copywriters, with experience of SEO in their own country.

We understand your client’s  language & culture

Based in the Netherlands, we can help you with your European marketing and PR activities. We not only speak the languages, we also understand the culture of your international target market.

Translations into most languages

CumLingua has a team of native speaker copywriters, translators and editors for Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish.
With freelance partners we also provide translations for all major languages to and from Dutch, English & German.

High-quality translations across a range of fields

Customers include multinationals from industry and finance, as well as government, legal, medical and educational organisations and the service sector. SMEs also benefit from the team’s 25 years’ writing and translation experience.

  • Annual reports, including interviews and editing input
  • Sales pitch presentations,
  • Training manuals
  • Websites – SEO
  • Corporate brochures & flyers
  • Film scripts and subtitles
  • PhD proofreading


Our translations are checked by a second native speaker to ensure the quality of the final result as a piece of natural text.

Benefit from translation & copywriting expertise

Producing an accurate, flowing translation is a skilled business, requiring much more than knowledge of the language. At CumLingua, we understand communication and copywriting.

If you’re looking for a well-structured piece of text in another language, call CumLingua on +31 (0)486 471554 or send us an email:

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