Translation rates

Translation and copywriting rates

Translations are often carried out based on a word price. Copywriting and editing is usually calculated per hour. With CumLingua, it’s also possible to agree a fixed price beforehand. The rate depends on the degree of difficulty of the subject matter or text. Is a text technical, legal or commercial? Would you like us to finetune your text for the foreign reader as we’re translating? Each text is unique. In order to draw up an accurate quote we always ask to see the source document first.


CumLingua applies a minimum basic rate for all our translations. In the case of short translations, to reduce the cost for clients, CumLingua has introduced the ‘Language services clipcard’.

This can be used for any of CumLingua’s translation, copywriting and editing services. The time spent on any of these services is ‘clipped’ from the card, which is available from 5 hours, or in blocks of 10, 15 or 20 hours). We can give you an estimate of the time we expect to need for the work and each job is clipped from your card based on the actual time used.


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